Agnes Jamieson Gallery Exhibitions

Salvaged Remnants

by Tiffany Howe
February 1 – 29 2020

Salvaged Remnants
by Tiffany Howe

Agnes Jamieson Gallery
February 1 – 29, 2020

Opening Reception February 1, 2020. 1-3pm

Tiffany Howe, a Haliburton County artist, works to reconcile the gap between wastefulness and the impulse to hold onto nostalgia by keeping recognizable elements of the original materials in her pieces. Working with denims, a material that is toxic to the environment, are re-routed into artwork. Her invented methodology allows me to manipulate, coat, and seal recycled denim as well as many other recycled and natural found objects. She uses this method to merge her skills as a multidisciplinary artist to paint, draw, sew, print, digitally manipulate imagery, apply technology, sculpt, mould, and assemble.

Artist Bio

Tiffany Howe is an award-winning artist, native to Haliburton, curator at the Ethel Curry Gallery, Inspiration Coach and a life-long dreamer. She studied at Sheridan College in Art Fundamentals and Craft & Design, various programs at the Haliburton School of Art +Designand contiunes to expand her skills on a regular basis.


Exhibition Images

Views of the exhibit opening

Blog Posts

In The News: Minden Times reports on Tiffany Howe’s exhibit opening

“The exhibition is a slice in time of Howe’s day,” said curator Laurie Carmount. “Her public posts about her work leave as much of an impression as a paintbrush. Self-made videos of her creating her work connect with the viewer, and Howe offers approachable insight into her whimsical world, and encourages participation and involvement. Comments are added to the work like applique and become intrinsic.” – Laurie Carmount

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