Rhubarb Pie recipe from 1868

This recipe is from ‘The Dominion Home Cook Book’. A Canadian cookbook printed in 1868. Source: www.canadiana.ca

The historic Recipe

Rhubarb Pie –

Take the tender stalks of the rhubarb, strip off the skin, and cut the stalks into thin slices. Line deep plates with pie crust, then put in the rhubarb, with a thick layer of sugar to each layer of rhubarb – a little grated lemon improves the pie. Cover the pies with a crust press it down tight upon the edge of the plate, and prick the crust with a fork, so that the crust will not burst while baked for about an hour, in a slow over it will not do to bake them quick. Some cooks stew the rhubarb before making it into pies, but it is not so good as when used without stewing.

– The Dominion Home Cook Book, 1868

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