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In The News: ‘Navigations of Iron’ at AJG

“With just about all activities curtailed by COVID-19, there is one thing people can still do outside while practicing social distancing – and that’s the Lapine Lap in Minden.” – Lisa Gervais

Iron ore mining between Kinmount and Tory Hills never really got off the ground between 1870 and 1900, but it’s test holes and mine sites have provided artistic fodder for Gary Blundell, who’ll launch an exhibition at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden Aug. 12.

“It’s a show based on some patterning that I found in the woods mostly last year around the Irondale area,” Blundell said in an interview. “It’s things left behind.”

Lisa Gervais

Lisa Gervais interviewed artist Gary Blundell in this feature about current exhibit ‘Navigations of Iron’. Read the full article here, on page 20.

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