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Get creative with the Fall Colours Activity Book

It’s time to test drive our Fall Colours Activity book!

This activity book is designed to provide fun for the whole family. Older kids can help their siblings with some of the teamwork activities – like gathering leaves of a certain colour – and adults can help read instructions or have a go themselves!

When planning a children’s activity, I try to make sure it’s something I’d enjoy doing too. This is my trick for creating activities that work for different ages. I’ve run a fair number of family activities at museums and galleries. One thing I’ve noticed is that when adults become immersed in a creative activity, their kids are more likely to get engaged, take more time with it, and take pride in what they’re doing. Monkey see, monkey do! So I thought it only fair that I give some of these activities a go.

Have a look at the examples below – and send photos of your booklet to! I’d love to see what you make and I’ll post photos of your work here on the blog to inspire other people to get out there and be creative.

– Shannon Quigley,
Curatorial programming assistant

Fill your palette with colour

Use your activity book or find a spot outside and gather as many colours as you can find. You can repeat this activity at different times of the year or in different places to see if your colour palette changes!

I really enjoyed gathering these plants and looking out for different colours. The most exciting thing I found was definitely the ‘orange peel’ mushroom, which just happened to be growing on the stump where I took this photo. I stopped in at friend’s house to pick plants from her garden and on the way home I kept pulling the car over to gather more plants along the side of the road and in vacant parking lots. This activity really made me look more closely at nature and notice the colours all around.

Orange Peel mushroom

Land Art for kids

This activity is inspired by the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. His style of work is called land art. He creates temporary artworks in nature, using only natural materials he finds and rearranges into brilliant patterns and structures. Have a look at his artwork and then have a go at making your own land art! You can also check out this interview with land artist Richard Shilling on The Artful Parent for more ideas for land art activities to try with kids.

Land art by Andy Goldsworthy:

Image source: MyModernMet

Create a rainbow bouquet!

This activity is great because you can draw plants, you can have fun arranging different bouquets on the page, or you can bring plants inside and put them in a real vase! If you don’t have a vase handy, a recycled tin can or glass jar will work too. If it’s chilly, you can bring the plants inside to draw them from life – or invent new plants and fill the vases with flowers from your imagination!

Check out our online tutorial for pressed flower notecards if you’d like to preserve your bouquet

These are just a few pages of the Fall Colours Activity Book. Download your copy here for more activities!

Remember to send in photos of your booklet to and we’ll add them to an online gallery.

Happy crafting!

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