Grief Workshops

FAREWELL by Andre Lapine ARCA (1866-1952)

Based on the exhibition Returning the gallery will be offering two workshops that speak to the theme of mortality.

Fay Wilkinson, Registered Expressive Arts Practitioner, Storyteller and Artist will be guiding the sessions 

November 6
Personal Loss
This workshop will focus on remembering those you have died, inspired by the ‘Columbarium’ installation in the exhibition. This will be an opportunity to represent your relationship with the death of a loved one, a cherished companion, or a dear friend. Participants will create a container for their grief and gratitude to help represent who that person was, and how they impacted their life. Participants are encouraged to bring copies of photos and items that are symbolic of the relationship you would like to remember.

November 13
Grief for the Planet
This workshop addresses the theme I am made of the planet, and the planet remembers me. Participants will explore the physical and emotional connections we have as humans with the environment. There will be an opportunity to embody the grief you feel for the future of the planet as well as representing a call to action. Participants will need to bring copies of photographs taken or found that represent literally or metaphorically how the planet is in trouble (e.g. deteriorations, decay, disintegration), or photos that show a lack of respect for the environment that is a detriment to the future and natural materials (leaves, sticks, flowers etc.)

Both workshop will involve some writing. For this participants will need to bring a notebook & pen. There is no need for artistic ability or past experience in the arts. This is a workshop where you set the pace and level of comfort. You will have available to you a wide variety of art supplies.

Each workshop will be offered from 11am to 3pm with a short break for lunch.

The cost per person is $25 + tax.

Registration is required please call the gallery at 705-286-3763.

Space is limited and COVID measures will be in place.

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