March Break Culture Club

Elements + Principles
Learning the Language of Art

March 14—18 Ages 10-12
Art supplies included. $20/child/class
Registration required 705-286-3763
Instructed by Laurie Carmount, Curator

Classes offer information and activities to understand elements and principles (line, shape/form, color, texture, space, balance, pattern, proportion, emphasis, unity/variety, movement) which are used to describe art. Learning about different terms extends language and lends to a better ability to speak about visual art. This also allows for greater creativity and imagination.
Each day involves a different element and principle term that will be explored through visual information, worksheets and creation of an art project.

Elements + Principles

The Language of Art


March 14 Lines – looking at the work of Escher and how lines create illusion by use of angles
March 15 Shapes – looking at the work of Alexander Calder and how shapes are the bases of all artwork
March 16 Colour – creating a colour wheel and understanding hue and tint
March 17 Texture / Pattern – looking at animal prints and techniques with different medium to create texture
March 18 Space – looking at how size gives depth and how contrast works

COVID-19 regulations will be implemented. Children age 12 will be required to have QR code. Class size is reduced to allow for distancing. A COVID-19 screening questionnaire must be filled in before each class. All attending are required to wear a mask for the duration of the class and remain at their station. Stations will be equipped with all necessary art supplies.

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