History in Colour

These photographs from Minden Hills Museum & Heritage Village have been digitally altered using DeOldify, a computer program that transforms black and white photographs into vivid colour images.

Does a splash of colour change how you view the past?

This series, originally posted on our facebook page, is the first step in making our collections more available online. What else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments or email museum@mindenhills.ca.

Main Street Minden

Minden Main Street, 1920s (2009.17.12)

Minden Main Street, 1880s (2009.31.1)

Minden Main Street, 1880s (2009.31.1)

Richard Henry Baker’s gardens on water street (2005.40.12)

Postcard of Minden Main Street, 1920s (2005.38.1)

Postmaster Walter Welch and courier Richard Kirkwood on Minden Main Street after the fire on May 15, 1942. They are displaying all that was saved from the post office: a pot-bellied stove, chair, post office sign and 2 mail bags.(2007.05.58)

Minden Main Street, 1940s (1988.02.01)

Two men holding up trout caught in Gull Lake, 1936. Man on the right is identified in object record as Richard Kirkwood (1991.156.2)


Scenes from Logging History

Joe Shaw with his logging crew skidding logs in the spring (1992.174.10)

Logs being transported along the Gull River, 1930s (2007.40.04)

Postcard of a man shoeing a horse at Snell Lumber Camp (1992.122.10)

Postcard of logging raft at north end of Gull Lake around 1920 (2005.38.2)


Miss McCormick, a teacher at S.S. No. 9 Stanhope, the Hindon Hill School. This one room schoolhouse is now at the Minden Hills Museum & Heritage Village (2003.11.102)

Snowdon No. 1 School, 1892 (1992.193.1)

Four women, one man and a dog sitting on a veranda (2007.23.16)

Unidentified man and woman (2000.68.2)

Hagan Family and Alfred Palmer (1985.05.60)