“Lots of events and beautiful places to visit”


“More public washrooms”

The museum can make a difference by…

“doing more gardening workshops”

Community Consultation Corner

Every time the page is refreshed it rotates between #has / #needs / #difference. Display would be on a constant refresh cycle. Or could it automatically refresh?

Don’t use a projector – use a screen. Attach the laptop to it.

Use the back wall for instructions.

Send us a text:


Have somewhere where all the answers are listed (under their respective headings?)

put new answers at top of rotation

Have another website /landing page with instructions. Same instructions as the ones that go on the wall in the bank. Share on facebook – eblast etc

Notes: There are options to hide header I could make this a post (which also allows people to comment on the bottom, so they can add to the discussion that way) I haven’t made it a post because it would show up on the front page of the blog. This page is live

Hide Header on Posts for Landing Pages

Hide header on single post pages.

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another colour that works with white text: