Temari balls from workshop

Tips and Tricks for Temari balls

Nadine Papp led a wonderful Temari ball workshop at the Cultural Centre on November 7th. We had a lot of fun trying this craft – which was new to everyone including me. In this post you’ll find images from Nadine Papp’s workshop along with a few tips and tricks that I hope will inspire you […]

Fall felting: Pumpkin Workshop

These photos and instructions are from Nadine Papp’s wet felting workshop at the Cultural Centre. On Saturday October 24, she led us through the step by step process of creating a miniature felted pumpkin. Hopefully this write up will inspire you to try a bit of felting at home! – Shannon Quigley Materials: Wool for […]

Fall Felting Tutorial: Make a needle felted leaf brooch

This is a write up from our fall needle felting workshop on Saturday October 17, 2020. Nadine Papp led us through the step by step process of creating a felt brooch using a leaf shaped cookie cutter. I had the pleasure of following along and took notes as we went. We know there are a […]

Calligraphy notecard tutorial

By guest contributor Mary Trepanier. Now that you have been inspired to make your own cards, why not take the idea up a notch by using Calligraphy for the inside message or indeed the front? With beginners in mind here are some easy steps…